Final Projects:

Research apprentices worked in groups or alone, in collaboration with the CCD faculty, to apply their newly found mathematical/computational skills to the solution of current biological questions. Solution methods included non-dimensionalization and parameter reduction for ODEs and PDEs, Mathematica, and Java programming. The 6 student projects are listed below along a summary of the project . These summaries were written by the students with editing by the faculty. Media presented here belong to the UW Center for Cell Dynamics, and are not available for use elsewhere without explicit written permission from the course faculty.

Link to Microtubule project

A mechanistic model of microtubule dynamics (Jose Natali, David Quan and Kris Skotheim)

Link to lateral contraction projecct

In silico modeling of the Lateral Contractile Model of cytokinesis (Ivan Vulovic)

Link to actin treadmilling project

Computational model of force-driven treadmilling of actin filaments in the presence of formin and myosin (Roman Avanesyan)

Link to Par protein project

Mathematical analysis of PAR protein dynamics (Bibhash Mukhopadhyay and Liyun Zeng)

Link to Vulva project

Computational model of cell differentiation and pattern formation during C. elegans vulva development (Erika Hoyos)

Link to Evolution project

Exploring conditions of compatibility and incompatibility by a computational simulation of evolution in the endocycle gene network (Vilaiwan Fernandes)