Gene Network Dynamics and Cell Behavior - Project Reports

During the first five weeks students learned to work with computers and mathematics software and with various study organisms. For the last five weeks, students grouped themselves into three teams which each pursued a targeted research project that combined experimental embryology with computational modeling. Because most of the results of these projects consist of media (like computer simulations and time-lapse movies) which lend themselves poorly to traditional final papers, we asked our students to turn in, at the end of the course, a collection of web pages summarizing the major successful themes of their projects. These project reports, linked below, have been edited by George von Dassow for format and presentation, but otherwise represent the efforts of the students who conducted the work except for items explicitly credited otherwise. Media presented here belong to the UW Center for Cell Dynamics, and are not available for use elsewhere without explicit permission from the course faculty.

Link to Team Worm

Team Worm - Adriana Dawes, Alex Hart, Eliana Hechter, and Chris Schoff studied the polarization of C. elegans embryos during the first cell cycle.

Link to Team Squirt

Team Squirt - Maria-Jose Bravo, Ryan Gile, James Lee, and Tammie Robinson studied the invagination of the endoderm during gastrulation in embryos of the sea squirt Boltenia villosa.

Team Fly - Lisa Nagy, Mary Anne Pultz, and Sarah Stockwell studied the gap gene network that regionalizes the early syncytial Drosophila embryo. (Not available online)