Image Processing

These image processing packages are released as free software under the terms of GNU General Public License. The image and text typically link to source file (.java) archives --the proper choice for those who wish to study or modify simulation code. For all others, the Apple, Windows, and Java JAR icons (if presented) link to a self-contained OS X application, Windows EXE, and executable JAR file, respectively

Links to Stax Links to Stax sample movie Links to Stax sample movie

Stax: stax processes multiprobe stacks of confocal micrographs in BioRad .pic format. It can merge three channels, assigning arbitrary colors, and make stereo pair movies of 3-D reconstructions. stax includes parameter-controlled image processing filters which you can arrange in chains interactively, then tune all the parameters to pick out features you want by selecting among random mutants of the currently best tunings. The example movies above demonstrate stereo viewing and fly-throughs; these movies and sample BioRad stacks are bundled for download below. This program made many of the 3D reconstructions on this web site. (Odell)

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-Download sample BioRad Data files to practice on-

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DDecon: an ImageJ plugin for the deconvolution and analysis of muscle micrographs. Determine Z-line distribution, thin filament length, and more!
(R. Littlefield)